About Me

I'm a person. Many call me weird; my friends mean it in a good way. Information on this page may be outdated. Last revised 2020-07-11.

Data Table

NameMaggie David P. K. Haynes
PseudonymsVid the Kid; David Smith; Bír'd'in
Gendernon-binary; demigirl or girlprox, sometimes also demiboy
Pronounsthey, it, she — really anything besides he.
Date of birth4 June 1989±10 y*
Age identity27±10 y*
Member of plural systemThe Indigo Duo
Country of citizenshipUS
Place of birthcentral Ohio
SpouseEdward A. Haynes, Jr.
Religionscientist, Unitarian, vaguely Christian
Political viewssocialist
Languages spokenEnglish, Spanish (not fluently)
Native languageAmerican English
Height181 cm
Mass100±15 kg
ChildDevin Haynes
Ethnic groupWhite American human
*Age values are approximate and periodically rewritten with a random bias.

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