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Hello! You are visitor number 103458! There are a number of places I tend to chat, with varying degrees of regularity. This page is an attempt to list those places. If this page gets out of date and I no longer visit any of these places, well, that's how personal webpages often go. The last time I updated this page and remembered to change this sentence was 12 August 2008.

Instant Message Clients

Bitwise IM

Bitwise is a less-popular client, but I use it a lot with my best friends. My username there is, of course, VidTheKid. Check out the website to see why I like it.

AOL Instant Messenger

I have three linked screen names for AIM: The real Birdin; Kid Vid Boi; GayNakedRoadgeek. I don't use AIM as often as Bitwise.

Yahoo! Messenger

I have several linked profiles on Yahoo!, but I can't remember them all at the moment. Just look me up under therealbirdin. I only rarely use Y! Messenger.


Sometimes I use Skype, but not very often. I think my screen name there is vidthekid.

Internet Relay Chat

Nightstar Network

I spend a considerable amount of time connected to Nightstar, even while I'm doing other things. The reason is I run a couple of channels there. #GoodMorningEarth (Java Chat, Default Client) is supposed to be the place to go when everyone in your other favorite channels is asleep. It's always morning somewhere, you know. #Gargs (Java Chat, Default Client) is a chat for fans of Disney's Gargoyles franchise. The former semi-official IRC chat for Gargoyles fans was located on a server that didn't seem to be operational, so I started a new channel. It hasn't really caught on. And then there's #EGS (Java Chat, Default Client). I don't even get ops there, let alone run the place. I sometimes make an appearance, however, because it's a chat for fans of the webcomic El Goonish Shive by the talented Dan Shive. Nightstar can be found at


I make rare visits to NeverNet, usually #NiftyWriters. Warning: #NiftyWriters may contain sexually-explicit content. Connect to NeverNet using

Other Web Chats

Nudist Clubhouse has a chat room that supports voice and webcam. I sometimes make an appearance there. DeviantART has a chat network very similar to IRC, but integrated with the site and its art-related features. I sometimes pop in on the channels #Thumbsshare and #DigitalMedia. I also tried to start a nudist channel there, #NaturalDeviants, but even I rarely go in.