A Half-Baked Simpsons Episode which Came to Me in a Dream

We open in Bart's classroom during a history lesson.  The topic is World War II.  Abe is there for some reason, and he starts crazily talking about a scheme he's set up which involves sending aircraft on a suicide bombing mission to Japan, hoping to change history and prevent a battle that killed a close relative.  They look out the window and see some model airplanes fly away from the school building or something.  To humor him, Miss Krebopple tears out of the history book the page which mentions the battle, and tells Abe he's successfully changed history.

Later, at the Simpsons home, the family seems a bit more popular and wholesome than normal.  There's some kind of party going on in the back yard involving a lot of kids.  Bart is particularly well-behaved.  He frequently mentions the good influence a particular relative has had on him, who had fought in the war with Abe.  Flanders is suspicious of the apparent change in personalities among the Simpsons family. 

The party moves inside, and Flanders is invited in as well.  The whole scene is just so wholesome, Flanders can't believe it.  He's sure there must be some sinister plot going on.  He trips over a toy or something, but extra-soft carpeting pads his fall.  Bart makes one more wholesome overture of some kind, and Flanders can't take it anymore.  He angrily asks what's going on.

At this point, I woke up.  I suppose this would be a good place for Flanders to wake up, as it's revealed that the whole thing was Flanders's dream to begin with.  Since many Simpsons episodes are rambling, stream-of-consciousness affairs anyway, I think the show could get away with that.  Also, since my dream only covers a few scenes, maybe it would be best as just one part of an anthology episode, in which we see three short stories, all of which turn out to be a character's dream at the end. 

I, the original author of this document, hereby release it into the public domain.  It's fair game for Matt Groening, 20th Century Fox, and fan-fiction authors alike.