Star Trek Into Darkness — Vid's Opinion

I was going to do this as a Passing Thoughts entry, but then I would have had to modify the code there to provide spoiler filtering.  That wouldn't have been too hard a task itself, but I was having trouble coming up with a satisfactory way to let people view the entry spoiler-free and then with spoilers, without counting as two views internally.  (I think I'd have to switch the entire site to a full-blown session cookie system, which would allow other improvements, but is more work than I want to do today.)  And then I realized that either way, the thing would still pop up on my home page from time to time, long after it's relevant, so instead I present this page as a one-off.

This is the version of the page without spoilers.  [Spoiler Version]

So anyway, on to the review.  I don't consider myself an “online film reviewer”, so when I say “review” I really just mean a brief opinion that's too long to fit in a tweet.  I liked the film.  It's a pretty solid story.  Of course, there are some problems with physics.  But I only have three real complaints, and only one is plot-related.

The Klingons

They totally blew it on the Klingon makeup.  They don't look like the TOS smooth Klingons.  They don't look like the TMP/everything-else bumpy Klingons.  Yes, the first change in makeup was a production/creative choice, but then they stayed consistent with that look.  And then they suggested that it was an in-universe change.  And then they outright explained the change with in-universe events that take place before the Nero timeline split.  This production crew under JJ Abrams had no in-universe excuse to switch to a third makeup style.

Overcooked Parallels

In a sequence towards the end of the film, there were obvious and overcooked parallels with another movie.  This culminated in a moment that made me laugh at an ostensibly inappropriate time.  On the other hand, I think it was done in a way that's reversible.  If someone saw this first before seeing the other film, it would work well; and then, upon seeing the other film, the parallels would become clear, but it could just as plausibly be a reference to Star Trek Into Darkness instead of the other way around.  Well, almost.

A Plot Hole

My third complaint is about a plot hole.  Obviously I can't elaborate on that without being spoilertastic, so you'll just have to go see the movie and then view the uncensored version of this page.


One scene had subtitles.  I'm not sure, but I think the subtitles were subject to the lighting in the scene.  Weird…


So, yeah, as I said before, solid story, only a few complaints.  Go see it if you haven't already.  I'm definitely looking forward to acquiring the Blu Ray.  Although I'm not sure if I'd go for the 3D Blu Ray.  The film was not shot in 3D but converted in post-production, so I saved a few bucks and saw it in 2D in the theater.  (Almost nobody wants to watch It's A Wonderful Life in color; I don't want to watch a live-action movie in 3D unless it was actually shot that way.)  On the other hand, even if I buy the 3D Blu Ray, I can always turn the 3D function off.  For that matter, I probably won't even own a 3D TV for a while yet…