Vid's NationStates

Hello! You are visitor number 103460! NationStates is a fairly interesting, yet simple, online game. The player is the president, prime ministor, dictator, whatever, of a fictional country. The country experiences changes as a result of choices the player makes when issues arise. I operate three such countries:


Flag of the Rogue Nation of Puernudia

The Rogue Nation of Puernudia is the embodiment of "boys will be boys," a libertarian paradise. Or, as the NationStates World Assembly categorizes it, an anarchy. Income tax is low, crime is through the roof, clothing is optional, and children are allowed to drink and gamble. The government does spend a decent amount of money on education, healthcare, and the transportation system. Puernudia's national animal is the chimpanzee, which is also the nation's favorite main course, and its currency is the sacch.


Flag of the Protectorate of Fraternudia

The Protectorate of Fraternudia is an extreme big-brother type of nation. The government collects your entire paycheck, if you for some reason get one, because they know how to spend it better than you do. There's no crime, the environment is stunning, alcohol is banned, education and healthcare are first-rate, and the public dress code requires nudity. Fraternudia's national animal is the bear, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the carit.


Flag of the Dominion of Vid the Kid

The Dominion of Vid the Kid is basically what you'd get if I personally were in charge of a country. The World Assembly categorizes it as Liberal Democratic Socialists. The average joe sends a little less than half of his income to the government, which goes largely to provide basic education and healthcare to anyone who needs it. Crime is moderate, alcohol is banned, tolerance of other people and cultures is heavily promoted, the government doesn't interfere with marriage, and public nudity is legal. Vid the Kid's national animal is the owl and its currency is the pound.

There's a good chance that these nations no longer exist. It depends on whether I've taken an interest in them recently.