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We Got Lost

When I was a lot younger and somewhat more hormonal, I once brought my girlfriend to a LAN party with some friends. She had to be home by a certain time, so before too long we had to leave. On the way back to her house, I took the scenic route, and we enjoyed some mellow music that went well with the wintry night.

When we finally reached my girlfriend's house, we were late by the better part of an hour. Our excuse was, we got lost. Most people who know me would be quite surprised by that excuse. To this day I'm not sure if her dad believed us.

When I returned to the LAN party, my friends noted that I couldn't stop grinning. They quickly lept to a conclusion — the very conclusion that we didn't want my girlfriend's dad to reach when we told him we got lost.

So what really happened? All I'm going to say is, don't jump to conclusions.

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