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To McDonald's, re Chocolate Shakes

Dear McDonald's: I don't want fruit in my chocolate shake.

It seems many of your restaurants have begun adding whipped cream and a cherry to your shakes. (I haven't noticed, but I suspect the price has gone up a bit, too.) I like some cherry-flavored things, but I don't like cherries. I also don't think chocolate and fruit flavors go together. I know I can ask not to have a cherry added, but not every restaurant does this so I don't expect it in the first place. It's rather annoying. Besides, one reason why I get McDonald's shakes rather than Steak 'N' Shake shakes, is McDonald's shakes are (or, at least were) much simpler to drink through a straw as I'm driving. Adding a cherry messes that up.

Furthermore, I wish you could do something about cross-contamination between strawberry and chocolate shakes. It's not very pleasant to buy a large chocolate shake, only to find the last half of it tainted with strawberry flavor and little red bits of what I can only assume is strawberry skin. I've already said I don't like chocolate and fruit flavors together, and I especially don't like finding bits of things in what I expect to be a homogeneous food or drink.

Were I a regular patron of McDonald's, I might actually send this complaint to an appropriate contact within the corporation.

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