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The following rant was written in reference to Billy Mays before he died. It's actually not about just him, but rather it's about all those TV pitchmen (and women) who sell things that “aren't sold in stores”.

He comes into my living room, shouting about this amazing product that I can only buy from him. Then he says I can have four of them (an $80-dollar value) for just $9.95. I'm sorry, but if the only place to get this amazing product is from him, and he's selling four for ten bucks, that means the product is only worth $2.50 each. Eighty dollars my ass. And why isn't it sold in stores? Sure, that might involve a “middle-man markup” but it would also involve economy of scale, so I don't have to pay five bucks shipping and handling on a product only worth $2.50.

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